It’s no secret that homeowners insurance is the ‘safety net’ that provides homeowners the comfort they need to live in peace. This type of insurance policy simply protects homes in the event of something unexpected happening, such as a fire, natural disasters or even damage from theft and vandalism.

Homeowners insurance from helps keep homeowners out of the ‘line of fire’ that’s known as property and liability expenses. With this insurance policy, anyone can keep their expenses safe and focused to what matters most—covering your monthly home-related payments.

Although homeowners insurance from provides an incredible wealth of benefits for homeowners, there are actually some things that it doesn’t cover. These things include coverage for flooding, pests and even war. Many of those occurrences are actually covered under specialized policies.

Homeowners themselves don’t even know that they can qualify for them, if they already haven’t. Here, we’re going to take a look at a few of the lesser known benefits that  homeowners insurance companies in Florida can provide policy holders.

Lesser known benefits of homeowners insurance

  • Coverage for losses from pet bites. Yes, some liability coverage options for homeowners insurance do offer dog-bite protection for no additional cost. In most cases, homeowners insurance companies will offer thousands of dollars in coverage in the case of the aforementioned happening.
  • Coverage for total home recovery. Sometimes, occurrences can provide detrimental effects to the entirety of your home. Thanks to this, your insurance policy might actually provide coverage to bring your home back to your state’s standard housing mandates following the loss.
  • Coverage for falling debris damage. If falling debris from the, well, atmosphere or other strange occurrences happened to hit your roof, your homeowners insurance policy may cover the damages to your home.
  • Coverage for damages from power outages. When your area experiences an extensive power outage, your homeowners insurance policy can potentially provide coverage for damages or losses incurred from the time period. This also includes coverage for restocking your refrigerator if your food spoils when the power is out for hours on end.
  • Coverage for absent family members’ personal property. Policy holders who have family members that live away from home may have them covered under their personal property coverage clause within their homeowners insurance policy. It usually does, however, exclude coverage for family members that life in their own property away from home.

Did you see any insurance coverage options that you might want to use for your home? If you need to know if your Florida homeowners insurance policy covers the following, take some time to get in contact with your insurance provider to get the information that you need.