My name is Arwen, and welcome to my site! Everything has recently been revamped so if you are returning, I hope you like it. If you are new here, I also hope you like it. used to be a strait up art site, but I’m changing it to be more of a personal site. I may be posting recipes or journals or tutorials. Please enjoy your time here, and if you need to contact me, you can at :


So a little bit about me.
My real name is Arwen. My dad is a Lord of the Rings fanatic. I’m not. =) I do like the movies, and I even read the books. They were good. I have no favorite book, but my favorite movie is Willow. I love love LOVE Willow. I want to have a boy and name him that. My husband won’t let me, though. =(

I have three children, all girls, and one child on the way. I am so very excited for baby #4. Another girl or our first boy, it doesn’t really matter. Maybe if it’s a girl, my husband will finally agree to Willow! Our first girl is named Alice Marie, and she has mild Autism. She doesn’t talk much, and she needs help with daily activities. She’s pretty laid back, though. Our second is Winter Rose. She was born on Valentine’s Day, and she is a classic middle child, “the color of BOOM.” She’s the most cuddly. Our third girl is Lilana Vale. That child is nothing if not adorable. She’s sugar and spice. My husband named her after a vampire from Magic the Gathering.

arwen3That’s me there to the right. —>
I have lost a bunch of weight within the past year. We did it by juicing, eating whole foods, and being vegitarian. I still feel HUGE even though I went from 266 to 185. My husband dropped around 50 lbs. My children did not lose any, but for the first time ever they aren’t anemic. Little strange. We had to become vegetarian to have good iron levels.
My main occupation is homemaker. For the most part I am a housewife and a stay at home mom. I used to do art professionally either by doing commissions or teaching. Now art is a very fun hobby. I do commissions every now and then, and I normally take them upon request. If you are interested in a commission, feel free to email me to ask about them. My time is valuable, though, and while I don’t mind taking commissions, I ask you to make note of what I enjoy drawing. I take commissions more readily if the subject is a kissing drawing, dance drawing, pretty dresses, mermaids, fairies, or shirtless men. Or children. <3 I also have a new interest in flowers, fish, birds, and cute, little, furry animals.
I got married on the second day of April in 2005. It’s been Heaven. He is a great guy, handsome guy =D. He also helps with chores! Woot! We bonded, as many people like us do, over geeky things like Evangelion, Spider-Man, The Dark Crystal, and Nightmare Before Christmas. He claims to this day that I seduced him by having copies of MST3K around and claiming I like Pantera. Which I guess is a little true…but it’s too late for him now! Mwahahaha!

The only other things I can think of for this page is that I live in Louisiana, and I am of the Christian faith. For the longest time, I wished to move from Louisiana. Now I think I love it. I love the forests and the bayou, and the people are very nice here if sometimes a bit backwards. But in what place are they not? 😉

And I was raised by a school teacher / professional drummer / minister of music. I still keep the faith today. Love Jesus! =D

These tickers I keep for my convenience.